Rashid Minhas Shaheed was a young pilot, 20 years old.He  was the youngest among all the people to receive the Nishan-e-Haider.


Rashid Minhas was born in  Karachi, on 17 Feburary 1951. His father was a part of the PAK army. Rashid Minhas passed the examination of Senior Cambridge from Saint Patrick College in Karachi. In 31 August 1968, he admitted in the School of Air Force in Risalpur. He received the degree of BsC in February 1971 from Peshawar University.


On the morning of 20 August 1971. Rashid Minhas was getting ready to take off in his T-33 jet trainer for his second solo flight. He was moving towards the runway just when he saw some one waving at him and indicating him something. It was Matiur Rehman, a Bengali senior isntructor. He jumped into the plane's cockpit and sat on the instructor's seat. Just as the plane flew Matiur Rehman turned the plane towards India. Minhas radioed the PAF Base Masroor that he was being hijacked.The air controller requested him to resend his message , and he confirmed the hijacking. Both the men fought eachother through mechanical controls. Some 32 miles away from the  Indian border the plane crashed in the city named Thatta. According to the investigaion it has been known that Rashid Minhas forced the plane to crash in order to stop Matiur Rehman from taking the plane to India. A miracle that happeed was that when people found them Rashid Minhas body did not have a single scar except for his hand which was probably injured by Matiur Rehman, while his body was completely torn into pieces.

Rashid Minhas Sheheed was awarded with the highest military award Nishan-e-Haider.

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